Nancy, city of art and culture
The capital city of the dukes of Lorraine, Nancy lays claim to a rich cultural heritage. Due to its fine eighteenth-century architecture, the heart of the town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. With the Place Stanislas, the city boasts one of the most beautiful town squares in the world.

Nancy also played a seminal role in the Art Nouveau movement. In the musée Ecole de Nancy, visitors can view outstanding works by Gallé, Daum, Majorelle, Prouvé and Vallin.

Live entertainment, terraced bars, renowned and diverse restaurants – Nancy also offers all of the excitement you might associate with a thriving and energetic university town with more than 45,000 students !

Several brochures can be found online to help you plan your stay:

Nancy Tourisme

Musée Lorrain, Nancy

IMG_6151   place-stanislas-nancy-terrasses   Nancy-Place-Stanislas